Mattia A. Fritz

Human-Technology Interaction


I am a researcher and a freelance user experience (UX) consultant based in Geneva, Switzerland.

After working for 10 years as a freelance web developer, I decided to explore the other side of the screen. I started an academic career with a bachelor in psychology, a master in Learning and Teaching Technologies, and a PhD in psychology at Geneva University.

I am currently research collaborator at TECFA and IDEA, two research labs at Geneva University in the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences.

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My profile as a researcher leans more towards experimental design and data modeling, with the integration of UX research methods such as eye-tracking, usability testing, and user interviews. My areas of research include:

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I teach in courses, seminars and workshops, especially at University level. I also contribute regularly to open education resources in the fields of psychology, education technology and human-computer interaction.

University Courses

I am currently teaching or have been teaching these courses at Geneva University.

Science et Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication I

In this course of the Master of Science in Learning and Teaching Technologies (MALTT), students learn the basics of computational thinking through the development of web-based applications for learning purposes. The course is taught in French. See the syllabus for the following years:

Design centré utilisateur et ergonomie II

In this course of the Master of Science in Learning and Teaching Technologies (MALTT), students apply different User Experience (UX) methods such as low-fi and high-fi prototyping, user testing, and A/B testing. The course is taught in French. See the web site created for the course, which includes students' portfolio, for the following years:

Méthode expérimentale en technologie éducative

In this part of the course Méthodologie de la recherche en sciences de l'éducation in the Master of Science in Learning and Teaching Technologies, students are introduced to the empirical and statistical fundamentals of the experimental method through the pre-registration of an experiment and the analysis of simulated data. The course is taught in french. See the syllabus for the following years:


I am involved or have been involved in the following online or onsite workshops.

Introduction à la pensée computationnelle pour enseignant-es du cycle d'orientation

In this workshop, Canton Geneva's teachers in the cycle d'orientation (secondary school) received a conceptual introduction to computational thinking as part of their training to teach computer-science. The content of the workshop are available for the following years:

Revues systématiques et méta-analyses

An introduction to concepts and techniques for grouping primary scientific sources into systematic literature reviews and/or meta-analyses. Thw workshop took place within a MAS in health psychology .

Open Education

I regularly participate in the creation and update of open education material in the social sciences. Most of the material is available on EduTechWiki, a wiki about education technology and related fields hosted by TECFA since 2006.

Pesée computationnelle en sciences sociales

As part of the swissuniversities program Strengthening digital skills in teaching (P-8), I have contributed to the creation and maintenance of open ended material to learn and teach computational skills in the social sciences. The material is in french and comprises four learning paths:

Pensée computationnelle en sciences sociales


The slides that I use for teaching use the Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license. Most of them are developed with the Reveal.js framework and are interactive.

List of available slides


A few examples of projects mixing research or teaching with development.




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